Am I weird? - cry cry topic

Anything mage specific not covered by any of the other subforums, like raid instance guides for mages.
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Am I weird? - cry cry topic

Unread postby ertai Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:04 pm

Hi my fellow mages.
I'm playin wow about 10 years, so I'm perhaps more mage than anything else in my life.
So I would like to know if is here someone who feels disapponted with the evolution of WoW. Am I alone?

1) I don't feel like a mage anymore. Maybe I can feel like arcane/fire/frost weakling who have few skills, default rotation and can't cast anything from the other school.

2) We lost freedom. I loved to play as I wanted to play, no what I had to. I loved modifying gameplay via stats and oldschool talents, have to consider I'm not infinite mana (all specs). Do someone remember using spells of another shool due to resistance? :d
Now I feel grey. Talent choices are awfull, mostly irrelevant, so my freedom is to choose, which I don't hate. Stats are mostly equal, "well ballanced"? I'm just saying grey, it doesn't matter at all, only item lvl does.

3) BfA. It's maybe to early to judge the expansion, but I'm really sad, that the specs remains very similar to legion and we also lost our weapon skills and legendaries so we have even less choices than before.

It was never as hard to choose if I'm staying on the mage in next expansion, but there is probably problem with me, I'm just a dino now.
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Re: Am I weird? - cry cry topic

Unread postby Sosaria Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:44 am

i get where you're coming from.

But I think after so many expansions probably 90% (me throwing a number here) of the population is already used to the Blizzard class design philosophy... It's basically spec vs fight and number tuning.

If they change it back to freedom-based class design then their class balance (however weird it is now) is thrown out the window and we'll end up with an even bigger problem probably (what is rotation, sir?)
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Re: Am I weird? - cry cry topic

Unread postby fungames22 Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:23 pm

op - exactly. ever since bc ive felt like this and its worsened with ea xpac
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Re: Am I weird? - cry cry topic

Unread postby wonderbread Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:00 pm

Fire and Arcane feel like the most boring and hollow they've been in a long time to me. I miss cata fire and the old combustion, but legion was fun and a neat rework. Arcane in legion was a blast (hue hue) for me in nighthold and the class fantasy was strong. BFA feels like legion lite for both of them.

Frost is still p cool tho.
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Re: Am I weird? - cry cry topic

Unread postby Herpie Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:37 am

I havent't played legion, but i liked the firemage in WoD . although it didnt do good damage early expac i liked the spec a lot (old combustion mechanism, living bomb spreading with inferno blast, that stuff).
Ive always been a loyal fire-mage, and never did much with frost and arcane.

I started again with BFA and i have to say i am dissapointed as well.
The class and spec is boring, the 'new' (for me its new, since i didnt do legion :)) combustion isnt nearly as much fun as the old one.
The talents don't give you much to choose from since most tiers contain 'must-picks' if you want to do good DPS.
Potentially interesting spells like phoenidx flames, and mechanics are locked behind talent choices that have must-pick competition.

I used to enjoy mirror images as aggro tool, that has been taken from us for a few expansions already cuz they made it a dps cooldown that actually sucks compared to the alternatives.

Living bomb/ignite spreading? gone. spreads passively and only usable when talented and deals underwhelming damage unless the mob count is very high, or if mobs die really fast. most of the time you want to pick the passive and boring flamepatch.

Pyroclasm... i know a lot of people dont really like it, but i actually did like it. but for most of uldir it did much less damage then meteor.
And when playing meteor you really had to pick RoP and your entire DPS would depend on how you did during a 10-second DPS window. and then DPS using a very boring rotation until combust was off CD again. this was only made worse by the blaster-master trick... the damage potential was huge, but it made the dependance on that 10 second window only worse.

no... not many development choices were made that i would consider fun. I am now on a break from raiding, and follow the patch-notes closely to see if there will be changes that will make fire play more fun again, (not interested in flat damage buffs to make up for wildfire nerfs :)).

thanks for providing a platform to whine a bit :lol:
I just made a pyromancer in Dark Souls 3 to get my fire-fix for the time being! :P

there... i said all i wanted to say :) back to the fun/good stuff... I hear they are bringing back Brawlers guild! that'll be a reason to log in for me :D

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