Winter's Reach Azerite Trait

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Winter's Reach Azerite Trait

Unread postby Phearbluee Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:07 am

Hello my fellow frost mages!

First time poster - been a lurker up until this point so here goes.

I've been wondering about the Winter's Reach Azerite trait:

"Winter's Reach: grants you a 30% chance when consuming Brain Freeze to gain a buff that will increase the damage of your next hard-cast Flurry."

I've got this trait and realised I haven't been utilising it but information seems to be a bit sparse on whether it's viable or not..
Icy Veins says this:

"Winter's Reach, changes the rotation, and given Winter's Reach should be avoided",

But I don't really understand what that means, is it that the Azerite trait should be avoided all together? I'm assuming IV doesn't mean select it and then ignore the buff because that's just a waste of a trait (it's not really a passive passive if you know what I mean; provides a buff that changes rotation). Is the change in rotation just not worth enough? If it is worth is it a bit difficult to manage like trying to min-max Incanter's Flow?

Played around with it a bit in the class hall, it's quite a big dps increase from a normal flurry hardcast, or even a proc'd flurry hardcast

Normal: 6K
Brain Freeze Proc: 14K
Winters Reach: 22K

I don't suppose anyone has any ideas on this? Or has done the maths? Any info would be appreciated.

Many Thanks & Happy Mageing,
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Re: Winter's Reach Azerite Trait

Unread postby convection Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:34 am

You should never be hard casting flurry, the minor gain you get from the trait isn't worth hard casting flurry.
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Re: Winter's Reach Azerite Trait

Unread postby nickseng Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:16 am

IN order words, respec out of that trait and take the generic one.
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Re: Winter's Reach Azerite Trait

Unread postby Ummaaron Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:10 am

I would also lIke to add that it has a long cast time! Almost as long as the Pyro hard cast. This makes it unfavorable on higher difficulties which reward shorter cast times and higher mobility.
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Re: Winter's Reach Azerite Trait

Unread postby Lorki Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:26 pm

What you've observed is damage per cast, not DPS. Flurry takes almost 3 seconds to cast while with BF proc it's only 1 global cooldown so Winter's Reach does less DPS. Not to mention you don't get to use ice lance after flurry with Winter's Reach.

Currently the best performing talent in the last row is glacial spike. Hard casting flurry gives you an icicle but has no chance to give you a BF proc, occasionally leaving you in the situation where you're casting frostbolt to get a BF proc for your glacial spike at 5 icicles. So the trait kinda goes against how the spec plays, it has to do way more damage to be worth taking at the moment.

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