Since Fire emergence gone from core raider to bench

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Since Fire emergence gone from core raider to bench

Unread postby kromula Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:58 pm

Hi all,

Last tier I was a core raider in our BoD progress playing Frost, but since the emergence of fire this tier I've found myself on the bench. We have three mages, but never/rarely run all three. So one of us misses out. The two others came into this tier much more comfortable with Fire (I switched main to Mage in BoD) so I'm struggling big time

Wondering if maybe some people could have a look through some logs and give me some pointers? I'm "feeling" like I'm playing sharp but the numbers don't stack up. I'm parsing purples generally in the heroic clears but on the mythic kills I'm brought to I'm pretty much near rock bottom, with the other two mages much higher.

Here is a set of logs of last nights heroic clear and some mythic(although think I was benched for them) (I'm Kromula)

Issues I feel I'm having
  • I organised myself with triple BM azerite, but then started noting Wildfire pieces simming higher. So I'm not sure what Azerite I should focus on, just go with every sim I do, or keep focusing on Triple BM or triple wildfire etc
    A mage in the guild is a good friend of mine and helps me where he can. He's telling me I'm not managing Blaster Master well at all. Need to keep it three stacks. But I find I'm then just like firing fireblast off all over the place and rotation goes to pot. I havn't read any real guides or steps for how to play BM, so don't feel I know exactly what to do here
    Any other comments would be appreciated

Would really appreciate help here, thanks in advance

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